Looking forward to the weekend?

Make better use of it by dropping your weekly wash off with us, and save yourself the hassle. While your at it, why not pop your work suits in to have them freshened up and ready to go again on Monday.

Remember, we are open Saturdays 8.30am – 5.00pm and Sundays 10.00am – 3.00pm and offer a same day service for both laundry and dry cleaning.

So, give yourself a treat this weekend, and let us banish those washday blues!

The Ferry Laundrette offers you a full laundry and dry cleaning service.

Here to make your life easier:

No more fussing over large laundry piles! If you have a family to look after, the laundry can be a huge job.

Let the Ferry Laundrette look after you and your washing.

Let our laundrette take a load off you!

When you come back from your holiday with suitcases full to the brim, why spend a week washing all those clothes.

Send them to us and we’ll happily do it all for you.

Same Day Wash and Dry service

We look after all your Sports Strips.
Wash and Dry Duvets the same day.

We offer the complete service, just call for more information.

We care for the clothes you wear!